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Gunhild is a native Norwegian who takes her name from two valkyries, Gun and Hild, goddesses of war in Norse mythology. She fights with all her might for what she believes in, but she feels greater empathy with the goddess Saga – a saga-writer or female Bard.

Gunhild has worked in journalism and as a disseminator of research  for many years, but in 2013 she achieved her lifelong dream when she  published her first novel in Norwegian, ‘Døtre av Norge’, (Daughters of Norway’), the story of generations of women from one family over a hundred years, told against the background of the battle for female emancipation and equality.

She is currently working on a series of independent novels collectively designated ‘Frøyas døtre’(Frøya’s Daughters’), after the greatest Norse goddess of all.

The first book in the series is the saga of a Viking woman, Frøydis Eiriksdatter, who lived in Greenland a thousand years ago. All Gunhild’s books feature:

  • Powerful figures from Nordic history
  • Strong female protagonists
  • Stories based on historical accounts and the author’s imagination
  • Myths and deities from the ancient sagas and Norse mythology
  • Majestic rugged nature and landscapes

… and of course, the most powerful themes in the world: Life & Death, Love  War.


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